Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at critics who called her a ‘bad mom’ for ‘ditching’ son Kaiser on his 8th birthday

JENELLE Evans has clapped back at the haters who slammed her parenting after she went on a romantic getaway during her son Kaiser’s birthday. The Teen Mom 2 star was accused of snubbing her eight-year-old on his June 30th celebration. Jenelle has clapped back at her haters They claimed she dissed her son Kaiser on his birthday Now Jenelle, 30, has clapped back at the haters by replying to their TikTok comments on her Instagram Stories. The reality star took to the platform on Friday to set the record straight as she enjoyed an afternoon with her two sons. After one fan ripped her with the message: “Wow you went on another kid-free vacation on your son’s birthday. Poor Kaiser,” the TV personality set the record straight. “First of all, you don’t know where I’m at. Second of all, it’s not Kaiser’s birthday anymore so you’re wrong. [read-more title=”Read more on Jenelle Evans” article_ids=”5681854,5665126″ shortcode_id=”12f45bfa-065e-47fc-b896-e89e0a78c16d” /] “Third of all, I don’t have to report where my kids are all of the time. At all. That’s none of your business. That’s not social media’s business. Jenelle continued: “Maybe it was your business when I was on TV but I can pick and choose what I want to show now. “So too bad get over it. Just like when I was listening to Tasia’s video the other day, if I don’t mention my child for one day y’all freak out,” she added, mentioning TikTok star Tasia Alexis. “Y’all need to pay attention to your own lives, your own kids, don’t worry about mine. [article-rail-section posts_category=”” title=”Most read in The US Sun” posts_number=”6″ query_type=”popular” /] “The stuff I usually post is like three days old anyway. So guess what? I’m two steps ahead of ya. Jenelle closed: “My kids are happy, they’re healthy, they’re taken care of. So, have a good day.” MOM SHAMING The MTV star’s clap back followed fans branding her as a “bad mom” for snubbing her son Kaiser on his eighth birthday. Fans claimed the Teen Mom 2 alum ignored her child, who was born on June 30th. On a Teen Mom fan page, a follower argued Jenelle “didn’t mention” his special day on social media. Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, 33, are the parents of their five-year-old daughter, Ensley. She is also the mother of her son Jace, 13, from another ex. The former MTV star shares her eight-year-old boy with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, 34.  A Teen Mom fan mentioned in a post that Jenelle had taken David “to St.Thomas for Father’s Day.” “They are at another AirBnB right now,” they claimed. The angry fan argued that the reality star was “spoiling” her husband and “buying him whatever he wants,” while Kaiser “gets nothing.” FAN BACKLASH More angry followers jumped to the comments section and slammed Jenelle for not celebrating Kaiser’s birthday.  One fan noted: “I checked her Instagram, and she posted Happy birthday to him last year on June 29th.” Another fan mentioned: “This makes me sad. She can schedule posts, but not for Kaiser.” A third ranted: “This is literally heartbreaking! He deserves so much better.” [read-more title=”Read More On The Sun” article_ids=”5679182,5675481″ shortcode_id=”9401cf3e-e8b5-4725-bbfc-ad9e9842ccc4″ /] A fourth person added: “It truly breaks my heart. My mom heart absolutely hurts for him.” A commentator chimed in: “Such a bad mother. I really hope someone did something nice for you on your special day!” Jenelle and her husband David left the kids behind for a vacation Fans ripped them for not including their children on the trip Jenelle told her followers to ‘mind their business’

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at critics who called her a ‘bad mom’ for ‘ditching’ son Kaiser on his 8th birthday


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