The View host Whoopi Goldberg SHUTS DOWN down audience with furious demand after fans fawn over shirtless guest Simu Liu

THE VIEW host Whoopi Goldberg SHUT DOWN down the audience yesterday with a furious demand. It came as fans fawned over shirtless guest Simu Liu. The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg had to keep the audience under control It came as actor Simu Liu turned up on set with his abs fully exposed Broadcasting from the Bahamas, Whoopi, 66, welcomed 33-year-old Marvel actor Simu to the show. The audience went wild as he walked on set wearing an unbuttoned shirt to expose his chiseled abs. Even as Simu took his seat next to Whoopi and the rest of The View‘s panel, the audience kept cheering louder and louder, causing the moderator to intervene. “Alright now! Alright now!” Whoopi hollered. [read-more article_ids=”5668573,5667487″ shortcode_id=”013a1b0f-c3e3-4ec4-8239-c0f62ef5e57e” /] “He is not going home with anybody here – okay?” Simu and the other panelists laughed as they began their discussion, but the audience kept whooping loudly as he gave his answers Meanwhile, 79-year-old host Joy Behar was equally enamored with the shirtless guest. At one point, she joked about almost wearing a similar outfit to the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star. [article-rail-section posts_category=”” title=”Most read in The US Sun” posts_number=”6″ query_type=”popular” /] TOO MUCH TO HANDLE “In fact, I was gonna wear my shirt like that,” the 79-year-old told Simu, referencing his revealing attire.  “But I was afraid my boobs would hit the table!” Not expecting to hear that from Joy, Simu covered his eyes with embarrassment and started to crack up. The hosts all started laughing too. Sara Haines tried to move on to the next topic for Simu, but he and Joy couldn’t stop smiling at one another over her unexpected comment. SOMETHING IN THE AIR? While hosting from the Bahamas, Whoopi has suffered multiple on-air blunders. On Tuesday, she introduced guests  Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, but had a bit of trouble pronouncing the name of their podcast, Las Culturistas. After trying and only being able to say it as Las Culturastas instead, she eventually just gave up. Guest co-host Ana Navarro jumped in to say it correctly, and Whoopi just told her, “Well, I was hoping you would say it… gracias.” [read-more title=”Read More On The Sun” article_ids=”5669144,5668378″ shortcode_id=”9401cf3e-e8b5-4725-bbfc-ad9e9842ccc4″ /] The View is currently broadcasting from the Bahamas to celebrate the 25th season of ABC’s daytime mainstay. However, fans have not been too happy with the ladies and have accused them of flaunting their wealth as they shared social media pictures of themselves living it up at the beach. Joy Behar couldn’t help but crack a cheeky joke with her shirtless guest The View hosts are currently in The Bahamas to commemorate 25 seasons However, Whoopi has suffered numerous on-air blunders this week

The View host Whoopi Goldberg SHUTS DOWN down audience with furious demand after fans fawn over shirtless guest Simu Liu


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